Alert Ready Broadcast Intrusive Test for BC on May 4, 2022

On Wednesday May 4, 2022, at 1:55pm (PDT), Emergency Management British Columbia conducted a test of the Alert Ready system. The next test will occur in November 2022.

Alert Ready is a Canada-wide system that allows government officials in each province and territory to issue public safety alerts through major television and radio broadcasters, as well as compatible wireless devices. This system is only used during large-scale disasters or emergencies where loss of life is possible or imminent.

The Alert Ready system is tested twice a year across Canada, in May and November. The November 2021 test was cancelled in British Columbia due to the Atmospheric River Storm event.

Your cellphone will receive an alert if:

  • It is a smartphone that is configured for an LTE or 5G network for high-speed wireless communication (LTE is commonly referred to as “4G LTE”).
  • It is wireless public alerting compatible. Find out if your phone is compatible.
  • It is connected to an LTE cellular network at the time the emergency alert is issued; and the phone is within the emergency alert area.
  • Your phone’s settings are enabled to do so.

Following the Alert Ready test, you can complete an online survey to provide feedback and help determine the reach of the test.

This survey is administered by Public Emergency Alerting Services Inc (PEASI).

Learn more about the Alert Ready system in BC.