M7.3 earthquake detected SW Sand Point, Alaska. Tsunami risk being evaluated for B.C. July 16, 2023.

A 7.3 Magnitude earthquake had occurred 55 miles SW of Sand Point, Alaska. It was determined that there was no tsunami threat to B.C.

Preliminary Earthquake Parameters

The following parameters are based on a rapid preliminary assessment of the earthquake and changes may occur

  •  Magnitude: 7.3
  •  Origin Time: 2248 AKDT Jul 15 2023
    • 2348  PDT Jul 15 2023
    • 0648  UTC Jul 16 2023
  • Coordinates: 54.5 North 160.8 West
  • Depth: 13 miles
  • Location: 55 miles SW of Sand Point, Alaska; 615 miles SW of Anchorage, Alaska


The latest earthquake and tsunami reports are available from:

Coastal B.C. Tsunami Notification Zones

Coastal communities in BC are divided into five tsunami notification zones: 

Infographic describing the Tsunami Notification Zones of BC. Zone A: The North Coast and Haida Gwaii. Zone B: Central Coast and northeast Vancouver Island Coast including Kitimat, Bella Coola and Port Hardy. Zone C: The outer WEst Coast of Vancouver Island from Cape Scott to Port Renfrew. Zone D: The Juan de Fuca Strait from Jordan River to Greater Victoria Area including Saanich Peninsula. Zone E: The Strait of Georgia including the gluf islands, Greater Vancouver and the Johnstone Strait.
BC’s Tsunami Notification Zones



Tsunami Definitions

Warning: Flood wave possible. Full evacuation suggested.
Advisory: Strong currents likely. Stay away from the shore.
Watch: Danger level not yet known. Stay alert for more information.
Information Statement: Minor waves at most. No action suggested.
Cancellation: Tidal gauges show no wave activity. Confirm safety for local areas.