Severe Drought: Multiple Communities in BC. November 10, 2022.

Multiple communities in BC continue to experience the effects of severe summer drought. Drought Response Level 5 remains in effect for the following areas:

  • East Peace
  • Fort Nelson
  • North Peace
  • South Peace

For more information about current drought response levels across BC, including a map of impacted areas, see the British Columbia Drought Information Portal. Learn more about drought risk and response in BC.

State of Local Emergency and Orders

The following communities have issued a State of Local Emergency and related Orders due to severe drought:

Water Conservation during Droughts

Water conservation is everyone’s responsibility, especially during drought. Please visit your local government’s website for information about water conservation and restrictions in your area.


Drought Response Level 0 (Green): At Level 0, conditions are average or wetter than average. Emphasis is on preparedness, taking proactive actions in advance of potential droughts to increase readiness of water users and communities where drought may occur.

Drought Response Level 1 (Yellow): At Level 1, conditions are starting to become dry and the likelihood for adverse impacts to socio-economic or ecosystem values is rare. Emphasis is on stewardship, voluntary conservation through education, communication and planning, and investigating unauthorized water uses.

Drought Response Level 2 (Peach): At Level 2, conditions are becoming very dry. Potential adverse impacts to ecosystem or socio-economic values are unlikely. Emphasis continues to be on voluntary conservation and restricting or curtailing unauthorized use. Water suppliers may consider invoking water restrictions where appropriate. If serious impacts are occurring in an area, the provincial government may begin considering regulatory action.

Drought Response Level 3 (Orange): At Level 3, conditions are becoming severely dry. Potentially serious ecosystem or socio-economic impacts are possible in some circumstances. All unauthorized use should be curtailed. Water suppliers are much more likely to impose watering restrictions, and data collection for regulatory action by the provincial government may start to occur.

Drought Response Level 4 (Red): At Level 4, conditions are extremely dry and adverse impacts to socio-economic or ecosystem values are likely. Voluntary measures and increasing use of watering restrictions will continue and may be augmented by regulatory action by the provincial government where necessary to reduce water user conflicts or protect the environment.

Drought Response Level 5 (Maroon): At Level 5, conditions are exceptionally dry and adverse impacts to socio-economic or ecosystem values are almost certain. All efforts should be made to conserve water and protect critical environmental flows.