RESCINDED: Evacuation Alerts: multiple Cariboo communities. Rescinded by Cariboo Regional District. Sept. 6, 2017

The Cariboo Regional District, Ulkatcho First Nation, ?Esdilagh First Nation and Nazko First Nation jointly announced today that the evacuation alerts issued for multiple communities west of the Fraser River have been rescinded:

  • Anahim Lake;
  • Ulkatcho First Nation areas;
  • Nimpo Lake;
  • Titetown;
  • Batnuni Lake area;
  • some Nazko First Nation areas including: Euchinico Creek 17, Euchinico Creek 18, Euchinico Creek 19, Trout Lake Alec 16, Trout Lake Jonny 15; and
  • the remaining ?Esdilagh First Nation areas west of the Fraser River.


See the following maps for more detail about the new areas that are all clear:

For the most up to date information use the Cariboo Regional District searchable, interactive map to check the status of your area. Further updates can be found on the  Emergency Operations Centre website, Twitter feed or Facebook page.

More information on the current wildfire situation is available on the BCWildfire website , Twitter feed or Facebook page.

Information on roads and highways can be found on DriveBC’s website and Twitter feed.