Wildfire Information: Peace River Regional District. June 27, 2023.

These Evacuation Alerts are still in effect. See updated wildfire information at: Current Wildfire Information in BC

The Peace River Regional District has issued Evacuation Alerts for areas across the regional district due to wildfire risk.

For updates on specific fire locations and status, review the BC Wildfire Service Wildfires List.

Evacuation Alerts:

Anyone in the affected areas under Evacuation Alert must be ready to leave on short notice: 

Peace River Regional District updates:

Recommended Actions

Evacuation Alert:

Refer to the Evacuation Alert to confirm if it applies to you:

  1. If you are in the area under Evacuation Alert, be ready to leave on short notice
  2. Follow directions from your Local Authority or First Nation
  3. Review your emergency plan and stock your grab-and-go-bag
  4. Refer to the Evacuation Alert for information specific to your community
  5. Monitor local information channels on the web, social media, radio and TV


Wildfires move fast, so develop a household plan, put together your grab-and-go bag and connect with your neighbours. Learn about the emergency response plan for your area by contacting your Local Authority or First Nation.

For more information on how to prepare for wildfires, visit PreparedBC.

Stages of Evacuation

Evacuation Order: You are at risk. Leave the area immediately. You are encouraged to register all family members at the nearest reception centre so emergency responders know you are safe.

Evacuation Alert: Be ready to leave on short notice. Gather your grab-and-go bags and ensure your vehicle has fuel. If you leave before or during this alert, it’s called a voluntary evacuation.

Evacuation Rescinded: The threat to life and safety has passed.