BC is a world-class tourism destination, with more than 15 million people visiting the province every year. But with all our natural beauty comes some natural risk, including seasonal flooding. If you’re planning to visit or travel around BC, please take a few minutes to learn about regional dangers, such as flooding, to help ensure a safe and enjoyable visit.

Only specific areas of BC are currently affected by closures due to flooding and many areas – including those experiencing flooding – are still open and ready to receive visitors.

Highway and road closures

Visitor information and outdoor recreation

  • Visitor Centres around the province can provide helpful trip planning information and have up-to-date details for all travelers. They can help you adjust your travel plans if needed. For a list of centres, please visit Hello BC.
  • If your visit to BC includes a trip to a provincial park, check BC Parks for information on campground and park closures.
  • Before visiting BC’s more rustic campsites and recreational trails, check Recreation Sites and Trails BC for current alerts, closures and warnings.
  • Boaters on lakes and rivers in flood-affected regions should be aware of high-water levels and debris, and obey posted speed limits as to not adversely affected shorelines. Read more about safety tips for being on the water.

Staying safe around flood waters

  • Assume that all surface water (lakes, rivers, ditches, etc.) is naturally contaminated during a flood. Check with the local health authority or First Nations Health Authority for current drinking water advisories.
  • Never drive or walk through flooded streets. Water can be deeper than it appears, and levels can rise very quickly.
  • Keep clear of eroded banks, as they may result in unstable ground and keep children and pets away from stream banks.
  • Stay alert for changing conditions, particularly if you are in low-lying areas or near waterways.
  • Listen to local officials and follow their instructions if asked to evacuate.

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