Evacuation Alert: South-East Penticton. Issued by City of Penticton. Aug 18, 2020, 9:30pm

The City of Penticton has issued an Evacuation Alert for 3,669 properties located in the south east portion of the City.  The alert area includes properties within the following street boundaries.

•    Lakeside Rd.
•    South Main
•    Main Street
•    Industrial/Okanagan Avenue
•    Alison St.
•    Penticton Creek
•    Syer Rd.

For a detailed listing of all impacted property addresses, see the City of Penticton Website.

City of Penticton Twitter


Stages of Evacuation

Evacuation Order: You are at risk. Leave the area immediately. You are encouraged to register all family members at the nearest reception centre so emergency responders know you are safe.

Evacuation Alert: Be ready to leave on short notice. This is the time to gather your grab-and-go bags and ensure your vehicle has fuel. If you leave before or during this alert, it’s called a voluntary evacuation.

Evacuation Rescinded: All is currently safe and you can return home. Stay tuned for other possible evacuation alerts or orders.

BC Wildfire Service

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