Evacuation Alert: Town of Princeton due to Slope Instability. November 16, 2022

The Town of Princeton has issued an Evacuation Alert for all properties along Jacobson Road and 175 Tulameen Avenue, within the Town of Princeton boundaries, due to slope instability.

A Geotech Engineer is coming to investigate the slope on Thursday morning, November 17, 2022. Once the investigation is completed, information can be passed on to the public.

For more details, visit the Town of Princeton on:

Similkameen Division of Yale Land District addresses/Lots:

  • 156 JACOBSON
  • 134 JACOBSON
  • Lot 9, Plan KAP4960, District Lot 1297
  • 200 JACOBSON
  • 120 JACOBSON
  • 208 JACOBSON
  • Lot 5, Block 6, Plan KAP1463, District Lot 1823
  • 175 TULAMEEN
  • 176 JACOBSON

satellite map of 9 impacted properties in Princeton BC due to unstable slope. Image has a yellow overlay drawing the borders of the impacted properties.