Evacuation Alert issued by Tl’etinqox Government. IR #1. Date: April 29, 2023.

THIS EVENT IS STILL ACTIVE. See the Current Wildfire Information in BC for further updates. 
The Tl’etinqox Government has issued an Evacuation Alert for the entire area located within IR #1 due to the Dripping Water Wildfire. Anyone in the affected area must be ready to leave on short notice.

Recommended Actions

Follow all directions from officials:

  1. If you are in the area under Evacuation Alert, be ready to leave on short notice
  2. Review your emergency plan and stock your grab-and-go-bag

Tl’etinqox Government Instructions:

  1.  Locate all family members and designate a meeting area outside the evacuation area, should an Evacuation Order be called while separated
  2. Pack essential items such as: government-issued ID, medications, eyeglasses, valuable papers (e.g. insurance, credit, and mortgage information), immediate care needs for dependents and, if time and space permits, keepsakes for quick departure
  3. Prepare to move disabled persons, children and/or neighbours, if assistance is needed
  4. Prepare to take pets with you and move livestock to a safe area (if possible)
  5. Arrange transportation for all your household members. Fill the gas tanks of personal vehicles. If transportation assistance is needed, call 250-302-3984. A bus is on standby in Williams Lake and it will be deployed if required
  6. Arrange accommodation for all members of the residence, if possible
  7. Wait for an Evacuation Order to be issued before evacuating. Monitor the news, radio/online source for information on evacuation orders and location of Reception Centres

Refer to the Evacuation Alert for information specific to your community.


Wildfires move fast, so develop a household plan, put together your grab-and-go bag and connect with your neighbours. Learn about the emergency response plan for your area by contacting your Local Authority or First Nation.

For more information on how to prepare for wildfires, visit PreparedBC.

Stages of Evacuation

Evacuation Order: You are at risk. Leave the area immediately. You are encouraged to register all family members at the nearest reception centre so emergency responders know you are safe.

Evacuation Alert: Be ready to leave on short notice. Gather your grab-and-go bags and ensure your vehicle has fuel. If you leave before or during this alert, it’s called a voluntary evacuation.

Evacuation Rescinded: All is currently safe and you can return home. Stay tuned for other possible evacuation alerts or orders.